High Hopes / Low Expectations

During the summer of 2021 Two Year Vacation escaped society and set of deep into the Swedish wilderness to the legendary “Silence Studios”,a place truly like nowhere else in this world. Without reception to speak of and with quite a drive to restock on snacks and supplies, the five feel good junkies spent what felt like most of the summer in this house together, BBQing , recording, swimming in the lake and having the best of times. There is a natural beauty to the environment and the presence of all the greats to have indulged in it before them led the way towards, simultaneous nowhere and everywhere.

Something magical happened in that house, deep in the wilderness and what was caught, the little bit of that magic, is what made the embryos for the Swedes new EP ”High Hopes / Low Ecpecations”. It's simultaneously a serious and a non-serious take on self-improvement and principles, asking the question "is it possible to have both high hopes and low expectations?" through Two Year Vacations characteristic rhythmic beats, flavorful melodies and feel good vibrations.

2022 sees a new era to Two Year Vacation, and the first step was taken February 25th in the form of the single "Chasing The Morning”, followed by single "Lemons" and now the single "Highlight of my night". The EP "High Hopes / Low Expectations” will be out out May 20th on Clouds Hill label.


Two Year Vacation is the band that originates from its own contrast. The quintet founded in Gothenburg, Sweden's second city, a seaport known for its rain, headwind and grayness, makes rhythmic radio-friendly indie pop with musical influences ranging from ABBA to Fatboy Slim through early Daft Punk, MGMT, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and Peter Björn & John.

Two Year Vacation is all about driving out all stale senses of the mundane.

Two Year Vacation thrives from finding the bright colors in between the tones of grey. With inspiration from trivial daily routines and dreams they make music that travels in a fascinating blend of Italo disco, rock and Caribbean kraut through easygoing joyful rhythms wrapped in tropical vibes.

After releasing two self-sustained EPs Two Year Vacation joined forces with the Hamburg based label Clouds Hill and Warner Music Germany. The result was the debut album ”Slacker Island” released in 2019. The album was preceded by, amongst others, the charting single ”I Forgot Your Name (But I Like You)” and was whomping up a staggering four million streams and the hearts of indie fans all around the globe.

2019 continued hecticly touring across Europe and with first performances in both the US and the UK. But Two Year Vacation never rests, even though the name may imply otherwise. 2020 early saw the release of the singles ”Don’t Know Anybody Else” and ”Never Been To Paris”, as well as the four track EP ”Bedroom Rock”, which also was the first part of their sophomore album "Laundry Day” which arrived October last year.

Massively supported by both radio DJs and playlist editors Laundry Day and it's releases has also been hailed by editorials dubbing the release a ”shot of indie sugar” (Bands of Tomorrow), calling it ”a direct path from the auricle to the dancing leg” (Tonspin) and labeling ”the positive impact (...) enormous” (Kraschfink). The band’s also been called ”Swedens own Vampire Weekend” (Hymn) as well as ”one of the best bands to originate from Sweden since ABBA” (Concrete Online).

2021 embarked with another piece of steller escapistic new music, the four-track EP "Getting Into Real Estate", featuring the single "Majored In Broken Hearts" which have been making waves in the indie digital sphere. The EP, being the result of locking themselves in the studio in Gothenburg during some rare extreme hot summer days, is a blended mid-pandemic inspiration and four songs about dreaming of music with a cocktail in our hands.


Two Year Vacation Two Year Vacation Two Year Vacation Two Year Vacation Two Year Vacation Two Year Vacation Two Year Vacation

Photographer: Herman Aronsson (first), Max Hessman (second), unknown (fourth), Daniel Ritzmann (third, seventh), Wilma Wallin (fifth, sixth)

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  • Apr 16-17th || Rock The Mountain Festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
  • Apr 23-24th || Rock The Mountain Festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
  • Oct 11-29th G/S/A + UK Tour TBA




Live Dates 2021

  • July 24th || Popaganda Parkteatern, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Aug 7th || Sommer am Lindenhain, Fürth, Germany
  • Sep 3rd || Yaki-Da, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Oct 26th || Bremen, Germany (special guest to Some Sprouts)
  • Oct 27th || Cologne, Germany (special guest to Some Sprouts)
  • Oct 29th || Mannheim, Germany (special guest to Some Sprouts)
  • Oct 30th || Augsburg, Germany (special guest to Some Sprouts)
  • Nov 13-14th || Rio De Janeiro, Brasil (moved to 2022)


  • Canceled or rescheduled due to the Covid-19 pandemic


  • Mar 19th    Hamburg, Germany, Sofa Concerts in co with Viva con Agua
  • Mar 20th    Hamburg, Germany, Live at Clouds Hill Serie
  • Mar 24th    Los Angeles, US, Musexpo Festival
  • Apr 17th    Göteborg, Sweden, Pustervik
  • Apr 22nd    Hamburg, Germany, Kukuun
  • Apr 23rd    Dresden, Germany, Ostpol
  • Apr 24th    Munich, Germany, Ampere
  • Apr 25th    Berlin, Germany, Auster Club
  • Apr 26th    Bad Neustadt, Germany, JUZE
  • Apr 27th    Leipzig, Germany, Noch Besser Leben
  • Apr 28th    Dusseldorf, Germany, The Tube
  • Apr 29th    Rostock, Germany, Campus Erwachen Festival
  • May 3rd    Aarhus, Denmark, SPOT Festival
  • May 9th    Hamburg, Germany, Ruby Hotel
  • May 10th    Dortmund, Germany, Etepetete Indie Music Festival
  • May 11th    Brighton, UK, The Great Escape Festival
  • May 30th    Göteborg, Sweden, Backyard Festival
  • Jun 28th    Halmstad, Sweden, Art of Living Festival
  • Aug 10th    Göteborg, Sweden, Yaki-Da
  • Aug 14th    Hamburg, Germany, Knust Acoustics Open Air
  • Aug 16th    Dornstadt, Germany, Obstwiesenfestival
  • Aug 17th    Aulendorf, Germany, Schlossfest
  • Sep 27th    Vienna, Austria, Waves Vienna
  • Oct 11th    Berlin, Festival of Lights
  • Dec 25th    Gothenburg, Contrast Public House


  • Dec 12th    Stockholm, Sweden, Sofar Sounds
  • Sep 23rd    Berlin, Germany, Unterholz am Oberbaum at Musik & Frieden
  • Sep 22nd    Hamburg, Germany Reeperbahn Festival at Bahnhof Pauli
  • Sep 15th    Schleswig-Königswiesen, Germany, Norden Festival
  • Sep 9th    Göteborg, Sweden, Waves Rolling Festival
  • Aug 25th    Halmstad, Sweden, Tillsammans Festival
  • May 12th    Wrexham, UK, FOCUS Wales Festival


  • Dec 9th    Hamburg, Germany, Clouds Hill Festival
  • Dec 2nd    Rodewisch, Germany, ArsVitae
  • Dec 1st    Fürth, Germany, Kopf und Kragen
  • Nov 30th    Ulm, Germany, Hudson Bar
  • Nov 29th    Stuttgart, Germany, Galeo
  • Nov 26th    Mainz, Germany, Annebatterie
  • Nov 25th    Kaiserslautern, Germany, Salon Schmitt
  • Nov 24th    Bad Neustadt, Germany, JUZE
  • Nov 23rd    Berlin, Germany, Duncker Club
  • Aug 5th    Halmstad, Sweden, Rosenbergsfestivalen
  • July 29th    Trollhättan, Sweden, Dinkytown
  • July 28th    Uddevalla, Sweden, Dinkytown
  • May 11th    Rodewisch, Germany, ArsVitae
  • May 9th    Kaiserslautern, Germany, Salon Schmitt
  • May 8th    Ljubljana, Slovenia, Prulcek
  • May 7th    Bad Kötzting, Germany, Bahnhof Kötzting
  • May 6th    Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, Café Limba
  • May 5th    Locarno, Switzerland, Mono Bar
  • May 4th    Olten, Switzerland, Coq d'Or
  • May 3rd    Chemnitz, Germany, Aaltra
  • Mar 8th    Linköping, Sweden, Flamman
  • Feb 17th    Kalmar, Sweden, Söderport



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