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Photographer: Carina Jäghammar

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Fiery, raw, and raucous, four-piece garage rockers, Baby Jesus, are keeping rock and roll alive and well in their hometown of Halmstad, Sweden, with psychedelic flare, a punk edge, and enough energy to heat up a hearty dinner of Sjömansbiff for 12.

Founding members and long time friends. Fredrik Kristoffersson (guitar/vox) and Elis Jäghammar (bass/vox), spent a few years together in various metal and hardcore punk projects.

It wasn't until they both moved to Oslo, Norway, in 2011 that they discovered and became infatuated with the 13th Floor Elevators— a legendary mid-sixties rock act from Austin, Texas largely credited with coining the phrase “psychedelic rock.” The Elevators’ music hit Elis and Fredrik like a rock. That experience opened their ears and writing sensibilities to the music of Night Beats, Black Lips, a range of Back From the Grave compilations, and—funny enough—Pugh Rogerfeldt, Träd, gräs och stenar, Philemon Arthur & The dung, and other great Swedish talents who made the rounds on their country’s turntables in the late sixties and early seventies with their wild and often experimental amalgamations of rock, psych, folk, and country music.

2023 comes with new offerings i the form of the album simply titled "Rock n Roll Music" (for why lie when it's true). The album is filed with Rolling Stones-esque songs with lots of things going on in the background. There’s a neat rhythm guitar, fuzz and a solo that’s slippin’ and slidin’ all over the place. A rock n roll piece that inevitably will become a standard on every single god damned young rock ’n’ roll bands setlist in the future.

Press review

“Without much ado, Baby Jesus take a trip back to the '60s with 'Rock And Roll Music'; a trip that is more like a mission than a journey. Kicking things off is [the single] "I Can't Have It," which launches you into the golden era of garage rock and happily nibbles on the psychedelic soundbed of bands like the Velvet Underground, The Mysterians, and The 13th Floor Elevators." (Visions)

"Took Our Sons Away" is the LP of a group that fills a dive bar in the best way possible."

“Baby Jesus have somehow managed to bottle their live show energy into their sound, something that many bands never have the knack.”
(Imperfect Fifth)

"Blistering guitar-led garage-rockers I can kick up some sweat to? Check. Hazy surf and country inflected jams for cozying up next to a PBR in a wood paneled dive? Double check."
(Impose Magazine)

"They carry the utmost chill throughout, but don’t be mistaken – these guys are going to hit the states hard.”(
All Things Go)

"This is gnarly garage psych in its truest form right here, folks. No bullshit, no fucking around."
(Psychadellic baby Magazine)

"The band has somehow managed to violently smash every instrument together with a ferociousness that’s still pleasurable to the human ear."

"A fierce and fiery lashing of garage rock, punk, psychedelic and surf at its finest."
(Color Rising)



  • Upcoming tour in September/October to be announced soon


  • Mar 17th    Dusseldorf, Germany, The Tube
  • Mar 18th    Cologne, Germany, Tsunami Club
  • Mar 19th    Bielefeld, Germany, Potemkin Bar
  • Mar 20th    Osnabruck, Germany, Club Bastard
  • Mar 21st    Berlin, Germany, Monarch Bar
  • Mar 22nd    Leipzig, Germany, Noch Besser Leben
  • Mar 23rd    Chemnitz, Germany, Zukunft
  • Mar 28th    Zurich, Switzerland, Gonzo
  • Mar 29th    Basel, Switzerland, Sommercasino
  • Mar 30th    Ubersee, Germany, Freiraum
  • Apr 2nd    Hamburg, Germany, Astra Stube
  • Apr 3rd    Odense, Denmark, Kansas City
  • Apr 4th    Aarhus, Denmark, TAPE
  • Apr 5th    Aalborg, Denmark, 1000fryd
  • Apr 6th    Copenhagen, Denmark, Lygtens Kro


  • Apr 14    Hamburg, Germany, Garageville
  • Sep 23    Aalborg, Denmark, 1000fryd
  • Sep 22    Berlin, Germany, Berlin Beat Explosion
  • Sep 25    Rotterdam, The Netherlands, De Ouwehoer
  • Sep 26    Weisbaden, Germany, Heaven
  • Sep 27    Charleroi, Belgium, Rockerill
  • Sep 28    Paris, France, Supersonic
  • Sep 29    Lyon, France, Le Farmer
  • Sep 30    Les-Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland, Le Lac
  • Oct 2    Pfarrkirchen, Germany, Club Bogaloo
  • Oct 3    Prauge, Czech Republic, Kasarna Karlin
  • Oct 4    Viechtach, Germany, Altes Spital
  • Oct 5    Bern, Switzerland, Theaterplatz
  • Oct 6    Locarno, Switzerland, Mono Bar
  • Oct 7    Milan, Italy, Spazio Ligera
  • Oct 10    Passau, Germany, Zauberberg
  • Oct 11    Mannheim, Germany, Kurzbar
  • Oct 12    Hamburg, Germany, Molotov
  • Oct 13    Copenhagen, Germany, Templet


  • Dec 16th    Stockholm, Sweden, PSB
  • Sep 9th    Rennes, France, Melody Maker
  • Sep 8th    Paris, France, Le Zorba
  • Sep 2nd    Halmstad, Sweden, Tillsammans Festival
  • Aug 26th    Svartedalen, Sweden, Svartedalen Festival
  • May 19th    Copenhagen, Denmark, Lygtens Kro
  • Apr 27th    Gothenburg, Sweden, The Abyss
  • Feb 4th    Copenhagen, Denmark, Underwerket


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